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All my friends are raising funds on Kickstarter and I don't have enough money to support all of their awesome projects, so I'm starting this campaign to raise funds to support their Kickstarter campaigns!

Having awesome, ambitious friends with super great projects is expensive! I'm not sure where all this money on Kickstarter keeps coming from, but I'm hoping to capture a part of it so I can pass it on to my friends' art projects, indie rock albums, and niche consumer products so I don't look like a total cheapskate to everyone.

More pledges means more funded projects, more happy friends, and more general good will! Join the campaign and help me help others make cool things happen!


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    This project successfully raised $234 of its goal on September 21.

    A credit listing on the project website when it's fully documented. You will be immortalized as totally meta.

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    A personal phone call from me, in which we talk about Kickstarter, niche markets, and the challenges of sourcing start up capital for micro-production through a third-party service. It promises to be an enlightening discussion!

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    Help me decide which of my friends I'm giving your money to. It's like donating to two Kickstarter projects for the price of one!

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    A surprise reward from another Kickstarter campaign. There are a lot of awesome Kickstarter projects with totally excellent rewards. Who knows what you'll get? It's a Kickstarter Grab Bag!

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    Jason Eppink

    Straightpin New York, New York

    I am an Urban Alchemist, Rapid Prototyper, and Mischief Maker.

    Here is something someone on the internet wrote about me in Italian that I translated using Google Translate:

    "Jason is a kind of genius metropolitan. But it is also a hero for every day, all went on that platform shoes dunking New Yorker who knows what shit. He too will be pissed off one day past but merely sporconare. Indeed … his mind to give a great little thing for everyone…. there is a starting point and inspiration to become our ‘a better world to live’."

    Here is my take, which may or may not be better:

    "Jason Eppink engages in public space magic, open source scheming, moving image mischief, photon reappropriation, and linguistic subterfuge.

    His doings have been seen worldwide because they’re all on the internet. Also they’ve been seen worldwide in galleries, but no one really goes to those.

    Good Magazine proclaimed him one of the top 100 most important, exciting, and innovative people making our world better and changing the way we live.

    When he’s not doing that, Eppink creates interactive experiences, curates events and exhibitions, and throws raging art parties as the Assistant Curator of Digital Media at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City."

    1. jasoneppink.com